Gudeg Yogyakarta So National Heritage

Four indigenous resep gudeg jogja asli  cultural heritage of Yogyakarta has been designated as National Cultural Heritage in the form of cultural objects (tangible) and intangible culture (intangible), of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) of the Republic of Indonesia.

Among other Yogyakarta resep cumi goreng tepung enak Joglo original, traditional food Gudeg, Fortress Mubeng tradition, and tradition Saparan Bekakak.

“Delivery of a certificate of the National Cultural Heritage of the central government that will be submitted on 20 October in Jakarta. We hope the governor will accept direct this award, “said Head of Culture DIY, Umar Priyono, Thursday (09/24/2015).

He explained that previously had done a trial on Sunday (20/09/2015) until Monday (21/9/29015) by experts in Kemendikbud on proposals from each region, including from DIY.

Because before, DIY does make four types of this cultural heritage to the central government.

“Thank God designated as a successful fourth National Cultural Heritage all. Yet another area on average only one defined and instead many have failed, “he said.

Umar expressed, in Java, many types Joglo and each region has a different character. For example there are Joglo of Pesisiran, East Java, Bali, Jompongan, and others.


Gejrot know Cirebon

Know one of the foods that I like,  resep tahu gejrot asli foods that contain lots of protein content but the price is cheap. The mother often cook out even usually added with tempeh. If you read the article read about the idea turns out already known a long time and many enjoy and consumption by Chinese citizens tens of thousands of years ago. This shows that the idea is indeed a quality food at affordable resep dimsum ayam enak prices. In Indonesia, know also has spread and diversify Indonesian specialties. Many forms, types and various ways of presenting the idea in every area. And it all depends on the area. I myself like to eat out sumedang and know the contents, sometimes mother cook out with a given flour that seemed crisp.

During a trip to West Java, in addition to introduce the idea sumedang, I served the dish know that in my own a little bit different. My friend told me this name “Typical Gejrot Cirebon Know”. Gejrot know in presenting it so different, including the shape and taste. If you often eat out sumedang, tofu paste or know Solet mediocre in its presentation and taste as well.

Initially I was given to know gejrot, at odds with his name, when in eastern Java Gejrot it means Di Flush. Finally, I conclude that this idea in flush. Gejrot know: know that in the flush. It turns out almost completely, know gejrot in flush with the sauce makes so delicious and could ask the spicy sauce. When the meal will spurt out when the bite because they know there is an empty space termasuki by gravy.

Gejrot know its size being too small there, even if at home we can choose to eat out in the desired size, in a meal with no spices plus chili sauce (usually very spicy cabenya) garlic and red as well as sugar. Rarely served with a plate, usually disposable plates in the presentation. Although this gejrot typical cirebon know, food is already spread all over Indonesia. At that time I was in West Java that sensation out gejrot in the western area. Many street vendors who trade on pavements. If you want to feel the pleasure to know gejrot, in Bandung or other big cities a lot really.

Please try and enjoy the thrill know gejrot typical cirebon.

Recipes to Make Ice Pisang Ijo Typical Makassar

Ice green bananas is a typical drink from Makassar (Sulawesi-south), iced drinks green bananas is resep es pisang ijo makasar made of banana in galut and flour are already in color green color. Iced drinks green bananas are well known in Makassar and delicious, ice green bananas is not cuman to drink, to satisfy your stomach  resep es teler 77 as well. Everywhere also has quite a lot to sell this green bananas, but not all green bananas there are good and also there that does not taste good. And how to make iced green bananas is simple enough and young enough to make it. However, if you want to know about how to make ice typical green bananas from Makassar, you can see the recipe below.

Material :

Suji leave.
green dye.
rice flour.
rice flour again.
plantains are quite old and peeled.
Red syrup.
And already in the shaved ice.

Ice materials:

Pandan leaves.
Wheat flour.
White sugar.
Coconut milk.

how to make green bananas:

Take rice flour, water, salt, leaf suji, and also the color of food coloring green color, then all mixed continuously in stir until boiling.
Add lah rice flour, later stir again until it becomes smooth.
Then take the dough and the dough trimmed pipihkan or earlier, then wrap plantain that had it so that it covered all the banana king.
Then boiled dough was already wrapped up until cooked dough before it, but in rebusnya cuman up to 20 minutes only when ripe lift wrote and set aside.

How to make ice:

Take all the material was already in sediahkan, then mix all the ingredients and then was all boiled to boil. But if it is boiling, remove from heat and in the cold.

How to present :

Take a place that can put decent food to be used, then chopped green bananas was her last, put green bananas that have been cut into pieces, put some seeds only. Then enter the shaved ice before, then you do not forget to give the sauce that has been done as before, and then pour the syrup was the red. Ready to provide.

Thus recipe how to make iced green bananas is that of a typical Makassar (Sulawesi-south), the way it is quite easy and simple, you can try out at his house each. But hopefully in this way is beneficial to you and can give it a try.

Ahead of Christmas, a producer of pastries sumringah

Each end of the year, the great resep tiramisu kukus bandung moments of Christmas and New Year takes place adjacent. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to double the advantage. One is the seller of pastries. They claimed to have a minimum of 20% increase in bookings from the usual month. They also participate terkerek turnover increased to reach double.

Many entrepreneurs take resep lapis surabaya lembut  advantage of the Christmas and New Year’s moment to reap multiple benefits. One is the manufacturer of the cake. Because practically, many people who celebrate Christmas better buy than make their own pastries. In addition, the New Year holiday also contributed request pastries that did little to snack on various events pass through the new year.

One of the businesses that ketiban this blessing is Yayuk Sri Rahayu and brought the brand cake Three Pearls Cake. Efforts that have been initiated since 2009 and it is usually experienced increasing sales in the two weeks before Christmas. Compared to the usual month, production capacity could be increased by 20%.

In addition to offering a wide assortment of pastries like nastar, sago, chocolate, and nuts, he also provides wet snacks such as brownies, banana cake, lapis legit, rainbow cake and various pia. “The most preferred by consumers is lapis Surabaya, steamed chocolate brownies and bakpia,” he said.

Cakes selling price from Rp 30,000 to Rp 150,000 per piece. With the help of 20 employees, can produce 100 cartons Yayuk bakpia per day and 300 boxes of cakes every day. If the order is being crowded, he can increase production up to 2,000 pastries and 2,000 cardboard bakpia per month. Yayuk admitted at the moment of Christmas and New Year can reap a turnover of over USD 100 million per month with a net profit of 30%. While in normal days the average turnover of Rp 45 million to Rp 50 million per month.

Consumers already spread to almost all parts of Indonesia such as Kalimantan, Makassar, Palembang, Java and Aceh. Yayuk actively introduce their products by participating in various exhibitions one in Malaysia that is directly sponsored by Disperindag. In addition, he actively promoted use of the site and sells a variety of social media.

Business operators other pastries is Iman Rachman who founded Susan since 2004 Susan Cookies Cookies cookies focus on producing decorative shapes and characters. Christmas eve consumer demand is a favorite theme of Santa Claus, Christmas tree and snow man. Susan Cookies offers three units namely product packaging, sticks, and a jar contents of 200 grams.

Iman said, before Christmas production capacity can be increased by 20% to 25% of a normal day. The average on a normal day, with the help of four employees Faith can produce as many as 800 pastries. Whereas now he can do 1,400 per day decorative cakes. By doing so, the turnover of which he can be also increased, from an average of Rp 15 million per month to Rp 40 million. However, Iman did not dismiss her in 2015 is also experiencing a decline in sales by 30% over the previous year because of the economic downturn.

IKan Bakar Rica-Rica Favorite Resto Twin’s

Twin’s Restaurant, located resep ikan asam manis pedas  on the street Frans Seda, very famous brand that elevates the seafood menu is mainly processed fish are delicious.
The basic ingredients of various seafood options like fish, shrimp, squid and crab, fish get an outstanding portion on the tongue its visitors.
There are sweet  resep lontong sayur medan sour fish, fish sauce, tamarind‘s team, but the grilled fish ricaricalah game that became the culinary connoisseur.
Chef Twin’s Resto, Marsel, when encountered the dorestoran say, fresh fish is selected then cleaned, after clean dibaluri with herbs ricarica ala Twin’s Resto. The level of maturity of the fish really cared for.
So does not reduce the ideals it feels hearty from the aroma alone, You will never feel full with a fish tail. It feels will call You back to taste the grilled fish ricarica with sambal dabudabu.
The price offered vary based on the size of fish, ranging from Rp 50000 per URekor.*