Gejrot know Cirebon

Know one of the foods that I like,  resep tahu gejrot asli foods that contain lots of protein content but the price is cheap. The mother often cook out even usually added with tempeh. If you read the article read about the idea turns out already known a long time and many enjoy and consumption by Chinese citizens tens of thousands of years ago. This shows that the idea is indeed a quality food at affordable resep dimsum ayam enak prices. In Indonesia, know also has spread and diversify Indonesian specialties. Many forms, types and various ways of presenting the idea in every area. And it all depends on the area. I myself like to eat out sumedang and know the contents, sometimes mother cook out with a given flour that seemed crisp.

During a trip to West Java, in addition to introduce the idea sumedang, I served the dish know that in my own a little bit different. My friend told me this name “Typical Gejrot Cirebon Know”. Gejrot know in presenting it so different, including the shape and taste. If you often eat out sumedang, tofu paste or know Solet mediocre in its presentation and taste as well.

Initially I was given to know gejrot, at odds with his name, when in eastern Java Gejrot it means Di Flush. Finally, I conclude that this idea in flush. Gejrot know: know that in the flush. It turns out almost completely, know gejrot in flush with the sauce makes so delicious and could ask the spicy sauce. When the meal will spurt out when the bite because they know there is an empty space termasuki by gravy.

Gejrot know its size being too small there, even if at home we can choose to eat out in the desired size, in a meal with no spices plus chili sauce (usually very spicy cabenya) garlic and red as well as sugar. Rarely served with a plate, usually disposable plates in the presentation. Although this gejrot typical cirebon know, food is already spread all over Indonesia. At that time I was in West Java that sensation out gejrot in the western area. Many street vendors who trade on pavements. If you want to feel the pleasure to know gejrot, in Bandung or other big cities a lot really.

Please try and enjoy the thrill know gejrot typical cirebon.


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