IKan Bakar Rica-Rica Favorite Resto Twin’s

Twin’s Restaurant, located resep ikan asam manis pedas  on the street Frans Seda, very famous brand that elevates the seafood menu is mainly processed fish are delicious.
The basic ingredients of various seafood options like fish, shrimp, squid and crab, fish get an outstanding portion on the tongue its visitors.
There are sweet  resep lontong sayur medan sour fish, fish sauce, tamarind‘s team, but the grilled fish ricaricalah game that became the culinary connoisseur.
Chef Twin’s Resto, Marsel, when encountered the dorestoran say, fresh fish is selected then cleaned, after clean dibaluri with herbs ricarica ala Twin’s Resto. The level of maturity of the fish really cared for.
So does not reduce the ideals it feels hearty from the aroma alone, You will never feel full with a fish tail. It feels will call You back to taste the grilled fish ricarica with sambal dabudabu.
The price offered vary based on the size of fish, ranging from Rp 50000 per URekor.*

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