Recipes to Make Ice Pisang Ijo Typical Makassar

Ice green bananas is a typical drink from Makassar (Sulawesi-south), iced drinks green bananas is resep es pisang ijo makasar made of banana in galut and flour are already in color green color. Iced drinks green bananas are well known in Makassar and delicious, ice green bananas is not cuman to drink, to satisfy your stomach  resep es teler 77 as well. Everywhere also has quite a lot to sell this green bananas, but not all green bananas there are good and also there that does not taste good. And how to make iced green bananas is simple enough and young enough to make it. However, if you want to know about how to make ice typical green bananas from Makassar, you can see the recipe below.

Material :

Suji leave.
green dye.
rice flour.
rice flour again.
plantains are quite old and peeled.
Red syrup.
And already in the shaved ice.

Ice materials:

Pandan leaves.
Wheat flour.
White sugar.
Coconut milk.

how to make green bananas:

Take rice flour, water, salt, leaf suji, and also the color of food coloring green color, then all mixed continuously in stir until boiling.
Add lah rice flour, later stir again until it becomes smooth.
Then take the dough and the dough trimmed pipihkan or earlier, then wrap plantain that had it so that it covered all the banana king.
Then boiled dough was already wrapped up until cooked dough before it, but in rebusnya cuman up to 20 minutes only when ripe lift wrote and set aside.

How to make ice:

Take all the material was already in sediahkan, then mix all the ingredients and then was all boiled to boil. But if it is boiling, remove from heat and in the cold.

How to present :

Take a place that can put decent food to be used, then chopped green bananas was her last, put green bananas that have been cut into pieces, put some seeds only. Then enter the shaved ice before, then you do not forget to give the sauce that has been done as before, and then pour the syrup was the red. Ready to provide.

Thus recipe how to make iced green bananas is that of a typical Makassar (Sulawesi-south), the way it is quite easy and simple, you can try out at his house each. But hopefully in this way is beneficial to you and can give it a try.


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